About Me



Software Developer


I'm Leona / Lulu / L. / _lululeon / insert-alias-here. *wave.*

I'm a fullstack developer working with nodejs ecosystems for the most part. I've pivoted back (again!) to software development. In my other lives I've been a business analyst, a consultant, and many other things besides. I work almost 100% remote now and I love it! Next steps: generate enought funds to be able to work from anywhere in the world!

I believe in ethical tech, and I have the decidedly humble goal of building modular things: plugins, apis, toolkits, pipelines and such like! All preferably in the cloud. A friend of mine calls this type of code "plumbing", which makes me giggle. I guess my INTP is showing a little :o). If I had to dream beyond that, I'd say I like tools and applications oriented toward self-betterment, goal management, quantified self, and the like.

Besides that, I also assist with process modeling, analysis, system design and documentation... kind of like a little swiss army knife for your entire project life-cycle!

Fave things: bubble tea, any southeast asian food, warmth/heat/sun, tiny houses/minimalism, off-grid life.